Learn to Play Irish Trad Fiddle is a collection of 50 classic Irish jigs, reels, polkas and other tunes with playing hints, counting tips, authentic bow techniques and more, plus a look into the history of many of the tunes. Written for advanced beginner and intermediate students of any age, learning any style of music, it can be used as primary instruction or as supplemental material with any string method. It includes an accompanying CD of solo fiddle versions of all the tunes played at a comfortable speed so that students can learn from the written music, by ear while listening to the CD, or a combination of both. Learn to Play Irish Trad Fiddle will appeal to students with either classical or fiddling background, string educators and self-taught players.

"Learn to Play Irish Fiddle," by Tom Morley 



The Fiddle Club Favorites for Strings series is a collection of 30 tunes from the folk and fiddle traditions of North America, Ireland, and Scotland, aimed at intermediate-beginner level students of any age who have worked through about half to three-quarters of most any string method book. The books are available for violin, viola and cello , with beginner-level, one-octave folk melodies plus more challenging top ten fiddle tunes, arranged in sequential order of difficulty, with the same tunes in the same keys in all three books . This means the beginning string student can explore folk and fiddle tunes in a private lesson, and a string teacher can introduce these timeless melodies for all players in a string class environment as well.

Endorsed by Pam Wiley of the American Music System. (www.americanmusicsystem.com )

"Fiddle Club Favorites" For Violin:

"Fiddle Club Favorites" For Viola:

"Fiddle Club Favorites" For Cello:

3-Book Bundle: "Fiddle Club Favorites" For Violin, Viola, & Cello:

"Fiddle Club Favorites"
For Mandolin:

Whether a beginning mandolin player is learning from private lessons, group class, or self-study, with this book they will learn proper technique and develop a repertoire of fun and familiar folk melodies and fiddle tunes. Written with the assistance of top mandolin and guitar performer and educator John Holenko, the mandolin edition of Fiddle Club Favorites includes the same tunes as appear in the violin, viola and cello editions, all in the same original keys.